HELLO TINY BITES has a main goal that is to provide freshly baked goods, made to order, with an asian-inspired twist to the Austin area. I hope to bring new, whimsically designed and yummy flavors that will not only shock your taste buds but keep you coming back for more.

Tiny bites would be absolutely perfect for meetings, parties, dessert bars and any event of the sort. I’ve got the perfect delight to offer in just a few bites. You’ll go in for one, and leave with the dozen.

and I am the owner of Hello Tiny Bites that is fully operated out of mine and my husbands apartment abiding by all cottage food laws. I do have a registered food handlers license. Which you may view at the bottom of this page.

I have obtained my associates degree from The Art Institute of Austin in Baking and Pastry. I have always dreamed of creating something that was inspired by my Filipino heritage and sweets that stem from my love of asian desserts. Typically the desserts I enjoys creating tend to be on the less sweet end of the spectrum. I feel that creating desserts that are more fruit forward and light in sweetness have a punch in flavor and tend to wake up your palate more.

My dessert menu has stemmed from a night of brain storming with my husband. Sometime in 2013, me and my husband, Jonathan Lopez, decided to just write a few menu items down, on the back of an envelope, of things I could try over time to create. Come January 2015, I officially started to experiment unconsciously creating little bits of the menu me and my husband came up with 2 years prior. Now, that very menu is on my fridge, and my creations have expanded into what is now Hello Tiny Bites.

It’s funny looking back now, though I am still in the midst of growing, I can look at the envelope and realize how far I’ve come. How writing something down on paper, though may have seemed like such a far fetched goal, would become something that is barely scratching the surface what is to come – my dreams.

Thank you for supporting me on this continuous journey, for enjoying my Tiny Bites, for letting me create whimsical and extravagant desserts for you. Lets grow some more, and see where this sweet life takes us. Hopefully, to the dessert table, this time for seconds.


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